360 Degree Rotary Water Well Camera

360 Degree Rotary Water Well Camera

360 degree rotary water well camera that take high quality videos and stills in water wells, boreholes, underground storage tanks, and shafts. Camera viewing capability options are to depths of up to 5,000 feet (1524 meters) and as narrow as 2 inches (5cm) in diameter.
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Underwater camera video systems for viewing water wells, tanks, shafts, caissons, and vertical and horizontal boreholes 

Finding ground water pollution and ground water contamination inflows into wells 

Inspection camera systems for geophysical exploration, geophysical logging, and water well inspection 

Inspection cameras for various industrial manufacturing situations 

Cameras for search and rescue assistance 

Salvage dive inspection camera work 

Durable - Portable - Versatile - Cost Effective 

Maneuverable and small cameras with high quality picture resolution borehole and water well video camera systems 

Engineered for elegant simplicity


The technically advanced borehole cameras ensure superior acquisition of images and evaluation of well conditions. These dual viewing cameras provide operating advantages over other cameras: The single-module design allows it to tilt off-center under operator control to look down the borehole or inspect the well casing.

A 10X optical zoom enables close inspection. The result is superior control to ensure clear, quality images to accurately evaluate issues before they become more serious.

A forward-placed LED light head, available in 18 or 24inch length, provides bright, clear downhole viewing for easy inspection of large diameter wells. An LED ring light facilitates locating tools and pumps, and other lost objects.

Durable stainless steel construction with no external moving parts ensures long life. The camera is hermetically sealed and nitrogen-charged to eliminate humidity and condensation for clear viewing.


Primarily found in Oil & Gas and Mining applications, 360 degree rotary water well cameras are meant to cover long distances. Borehole Cameras usually come on a spool or a reel, as Insertion Tube or Insertion Probe lengths can exceed hundreds of meters. Closely related to Drain Cameras, Pipe Cameras, or Sewer Cameras, features like Articulation or Working Channels are usually not native to Borehole Cameras. Depending on the specific inspection application, Borehole Cameras can be used on mines, oil wells, water wells, pipelines, and even sewer lines.

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