Downwell Scanning Camera

Downwell Scanning Camera

Video Inspection technology helps us pinpoint problems and aids in the diagnoses of current water well conditions. Downwell scanning camera provides accurate visual inspection of a wells interior.
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GYGD-H downwell scanning camera is used for  for down-hole water well video inspections. GYGD-H downwell scanning camera inspection system has significant improvements over some other Well Cameras available in the Down-hole Marketplace. It uses a single camera module that tilts under  operator control to look down the bore hole or at the casing wall. It can be rotated 360 degrees, continuously to inspect the entire diameter or casing joint.

An on screen meter accurately identifies depths and makes a permanent DVD record of the inspection which can be provided for future reference thus, time consuming and inaccurate

methods of well inspection can be avoided.

This technology helps to pinpoint problems, diagnose well condition, and confirm well construction details. The equipment  is suitable for water wells, bore holes and many other service applications. This camera work is very effective in showing the state of a well before (pre) rehabillitation and also showing the conditions after (post) rehabillition work is completed.

After the well inspection is complete, the full range of services are available to clients to correct any problems that may have been revealed by the inspection.


45mm Ø Camera Head:  Panning feature:360° Endless rotation (slip ring)

Horizontal resolution:700TVL

Sensetivity:0.01 Lux

Camera Head Size :45mm (diameter) x 300mm (length)

Camera Head Weight:2.0kg

Case material :Stainless steel

Light: support for 10 micro-modulation dimming

View Angle:horizontal 360°, vertical 180°

Waterproof Level: IP68, 50 bar in fresh water

Focus:Zooming viewing angle: 60°

Clear vision: 100~600MM

10"Display Control Unit: Size of the screen:10"LCD Display



Audio Input:Built in microphone 

USB Port:USB 2.0

Video:Composite video singal output

Power Supply:DC12 or AC110-240V

Waterproof Level:IP54

Language:English or Chinese

Video format:AVI

Picture format:JPEG

On-screen Meter Counter:Yes

Storage:SD card and U disk

Cable Reel: Cable:Flexible Twisted Pair Cable

Cable Length:200m (656'), 300m (984.2')

Winch Control:Motorized

Winch Speed :Adjustable

Cable Diameter:ø8mm, 6-core

Cable Color:Blac

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