Easy Operation Borehole Camera System

Easy Operation Borehole Camera System

Easy operation borehole camera system featuring high resolution CCD sensors. All cameras come with white LED integral lighting. Cameras are controlled from either a dedicated surface panel with a video monitor or a PC based display unit that allow for in-situ video image capture and reporting.
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Easy operation borehole camera system offers the convenience of both downhole and sidewall viewing facility by switching between two individual cameras, one directed axially and the other directed radially with 360º infinite rotation. Real time video viewing, depth, speed, comments, title, useful software controllable functions (editing, zoom, BLC, camera control…), variable high and low intensity lighting as well as focusing and rotation speed control is included.The camera is designed to be robust and is pressure rated to 200BAR. The added advantage is that you can use the camera on a geophysical wireline winch—so no need for another camera cable.


It is well suited for inspecting various reservoirs, wells, borehole, downhole, shafts, pipes, tanks and other objects from the top down. It is equipped with a Ø75mm down view camera head enabling operators to receive a complete detailed image of the inspection area. The Ø75mm down view camera head is equipped with CCD sensors and 9pcs high-output long-lasting LED light allowing for capturing bright and detailed images even in poor lighting environments. The downhole camera heads are IP68 waterproof and withstand pressure up to 200 bar in water.


Easy operation borehole camera system features a compact control unit with a high-resolution 12’’ LCD display. The inspection process can be viewed on the display right on site, captured as video files. All data can be saved on 16G SD card(Maximum 32G). The user-friendly interface offers various operation features. 

The system works with Ø7.2mm modified polypropylene cables(which can bear 220KG) of different lengths (from 100m to 2000m) that can be securely coiled on an electric operated reel. The motorized winch allowing for winding the cable up and down with different speeds(when 220V power supply). Besides inspection findings, users can view depth, the depth accuracy reach to 0.05m and it supports depth reset.

The down hole camera works on a conventional AC220V power supply, or it can work with AC110V power supply by a AC110V to AC220V converter.

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