Waterproof Deep Well View Camera

Waterproof Deep Well View Camera

A wide range of Laval fully portable, waterproof deep well view camera that take high quality videos and stills in water wells, boreholes, underground storage tanks, and shafts.
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1.The GYGD-II system is equipped with 2 cameras: one sideways camera with 360 degree rotation to right and left for thorough, informative footage of sidewalls, and a downward camera with a fixed wide-angle lens to view down hole. Both cameras are equipped with CCD sensors and high-output long-lasting LED lighting allowing for capturing bright and detailed images even in poor lighting environments. The downhole camera head housing is IP68 waterproof and withstand pressure up to 15MPA in fresh water.

2.Camera viewing capability options are to depths of up to 1500m, and as narrow as 2 inches (5cm) in diameter. Cameras  can be purchased as part of a video inspection package, as a stand-alone piece of equipment or as an add-on to an existing inspection system.

3.Camera options include downhole view, downhole and side view, automated control, stainless steel sealed housing, water blocked cable connectors, continuous 360 degree rotation. All cameras are fully compatible with our range of video inspection systems.

Motorized GYGD-II waterproof deep well view camera system Specifications and Options (Note: not all systems have all options)

Item: Specification

Cable Length: 100m-1500m

Detachable Camera Specs:1/2" OD, high resolution, 0.1 lux, 1/3" CCD, 720 line resolution

Quad Plus Camera Specs:one sideways camera with 360 degree rotation, a downward camera with a fixed wide-angle lens

Light Source: High intensity, long life, shock proof LED lighting, side view and forward view

 Power Source:12 VDC/220VAC

Scanning System: Camera Modules greater than or equal to 540 TVL for NTSC and PAL

Clamp-On OSD:(On-Screen Display Encoder) feet or meters display

Operating Temperature: 32° to 122° F (0°to 50°C)

Shipping Weight: 100kg or more

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