Geophysicail Logging Cable Winch

Geophysicail Logging Cable Winch

The geophysical logging cable winch is used for borehole geophysical logging to measure the well resistivity,SP,Caliper,temperature and so on. The winch can be 0-3000M.
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They are special equipments designed for the requirements of borehole measurement in the field. They can be used to lift or lower down well measurement probe tube; they have the functions of automatic/manual, constant speed control, fixed points/continuous measurement, automatic depth modification, and alarm for suddenly depth change.They are suitable for borehole measurement in geology, metallurgy, coal mining field, oil field, and engineering project, especially for well measurement in deep borehole.

2000meters frequency control winch 

1000meters frequency control  winch 

300meters  winch

 500meters Simple winch 





120 kg 

110 kg 

25 kg 

18 kg 

1.5 kw 

1.1 kw 



1 circle per 4000 

1 circle per 4000 

1 circle per 4000 

Geophysicail Logging Cable Winch (3)

Geophysical borehole logging for water detection. water well detector
Geophysicail Logging Cable Winch (2)

Parameter of well logging winch

Logging cable length measurement

automatic measurement

Photoelectric pulse generator

SG9208, 1800P/R for each transfer pulse

Transmission device



Self-locking brake and manual brake

Class of electrical motor insulation

Grade F

Use of the environment

 less than 5500 meters

 Geophysicail Logging Cable Winch

The whole geophysical logging system includes: logging winch, ground logger, logging probes.





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