Digital Borehole Inclinometer

Digital Borehole Inclinometer

The digital borehole inclinometer is used to measure displacements in sections and radial to the measuring tube axis. The probes can be perfectly combined with the probes for line-wise displacement measurement (combination with measuring cable, measuring rod, read out device, software…).
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Product Details

Standard configurations of a whole set:

JQX— digital inclination probe*one piece

JQX—inclinometer*one piece

Connector*one piece

Manual*one book


Reel*one piece

Specification of:

1)Technical parameters:

Vertex angle range: 0 ~ 45˚

Vertex angle precision: less than 0.1˚

Azimuth range: 0 ~360˚

Azimuth precision: ±4˚ (when the vertex is more than 3˚), else ±6˚ (when the vertex is between 2˚ and 3˚)

Diameter of probe: Φ 42mm

Length: 1000mm

Weight: 2Kg (weighting bar is 5Kg)

Endurable press: 5Mpa

Working temperature: 0 ~ 80˚C

Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz (DC12V)

2) Performance:

Measurement point by point

Digital output

Simple, reliable axial-orientation system

High precision vertex angle and azimuth measurement

Applications of:



Geotechnical Applications

Structural Applications

Underground Mines

Open Pit Mines

Features of:

Increase Safety

Increase Productivity

High Accuracy

High Reliability

Quick Delivery for standard lengths

Probe of:

Control system of:

Small and light bobbin:

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