Geological Wireless Inclinometer For Borehole Testing

The GDP-3D is a magnetic multi-shot survey tool
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Borehole surveying is the measurement of a borehole’s direction under the surface. Boreholes can deviate considerably from the original plan, depending on factors like rock formations, drilling parameters and depth of the borehole. In order to find out and calculate the trajectory of the borehole, it is necessary to do borehole surveying.

The GDP-3D kit consists of two main parts, the survey tool itself and a portable Android controller that is used to operate and present the borehole survey data. There is a lithium battery inside the probe for the survey tool to get power. To connect to the portable controller, turn on the survey tool and the controller itself, run the “Reader” App and then the program should automatically detect the GDP-3D probe and you are ready to start your survey.

1.   Measuring range of inclination: 0~45°, error ≤ 0.2°;
2.   Measuring range of azimuth: 0~360°, error ≤ 4° (1° ≤ inclination ≤ 45°);
3.   Static drift ≤ 2°, drifting nonlinearity ≤ 1°;
4.   Measuring mode: point measurement (frequency: 1 time / 140 s);
5.   Service life of the gyro > 1800 h;
6.   Serial port R232 for data transmission;
7.   Probe outer diameter of downhole instrument: φ40mm;
8.   Measured depth ≤ 2000m;
9.   Resistance to pressure of the probe ≤ 200kg/cm2;
10. Working power of the instrument: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±10%;
11. Working environment:
Temperature: -10°~60°
Humidity: 90% (40ºC)
12. Probe overall dimension: φ40×2100mm
Weight: 3kg

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