Geotechnical Inclinometer Dual Axis Sensor Inclinometers Slope Inclinometer

Inclinometers are used to measure displacements in ground and in structures that lie below ground level (e.g. retaining walls).
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Geothermal Inclinometers


  1. Detecting zones of movement and establish whether movement is constant, accelerating, or responding to remedial measures.

2.Checking that deformations are within design limits, that struts and anchors are performing as expected, and that adjacent buildings are not affected by ground movements.

3.Verifying stability of dams, dam abutments, and upstream slopes during and after impoundment.

4.Monitoring settlement profiles of embankments, foundations, and other structures (horizontal inclinometer).



At Geotechnical Observations we read each inclinometer casing twice with two independent inclinometer probes and we compare the results for each pair of readings to ensure that they lie within the random error associated with the survey. One probe is then used for all of the subsequent readings and the other probe is used as a back-up in case the routine probe is subsequently unavailable or if the subsequent readings with the routine probe require checking. 

The inclinometer casing has four orthogonal grooves along the inside and these are used to guide an inclinometer probe along in order to survey the line of the inclinometer casing.

An inclinometer probe contains orthogonal sensors that measure the angle that the body of the probe makes with vertical (for vertical and inclined casings) or horizontal (for horizontal casings). Inclinometer probes also have sprung wheels to hold them in the centre of the inclinometer casing as the survey is taking place.

The sum of the angles in each direction enables the shape of the inclinometer casing to be determined and the difference between the shape of a casing at any particular time and the shape of the same casing at a reference time represents the displacement that occurred between the two times. 

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