Portable Digital Inclinometer

Portable Digital Inclinometer

GDX 3A1 Portable Digital Inclinometer is a priority used to determine inclination of borehole which is more than 54 mm in diameter, in the non-magnetic mining area, hydrology, oil field, coal field, and geology.
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GDX 3A1 Portable Digital Inclinometer is composed of control unit and measuring probe. Portable design. It adopts long distance transmitting technology, so it can transmit digital signal through long cable reliably. High performance sensor and digital signal processing technology makes the result accurate and stable. High light LCD graphic display. GDX3A1 Portable Digital Inclinometer structure is simple. It is easy to operate. 

GDX 3A1 Portable Digital Inclinometer :

⑴ Dip angle sensor:  It measures the dip angle. It outputs electrical signal.

⑵ Azimuth angle sensor: It measures the azimuth angle. It outputs electrical signal.

⑶ Data collection:  It collects the electrical signals of the dip angle and azimuth 

angle sensor and do A/D conversion, calculation and encoding. 

⑷ Data communication:  It sends the encoding measurement result to the control unit. 


1. Measurement depth:  ≤1200 meters

2. Measurement range and precision:

(1) Dip angle: 0~50°;  ±0.2°

(2) Azimuth angle: 0~360°

When dip angle is 1~3°:  ±5.0°

When dip angle is 3~50°:  ±3.0°

3. Measurement mode: At fixed points; the depth intervals and measurement points can be preset at random

4. Record mode: manual

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