Small-bore Compass Inclinometer

Small-bore Compass Inclinometer

A Small-bore compass inclinometer is used to monitor subsurface movements and deformations, it main has two components: (1) inclinometer casing and (2) an inclinometer measurement system.The inclinometer is a drilling direction detection instrument for non-magnetic or weak magnetic applications.
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The small-bore compass inclinometer is widely used in geological, petroleum, coal field and other industries to guide drilling and testing the quality of holes in the drilling process.

A small-bore compass inclinometer also can be applied in the drilling of water conservancy construction, roads, railways, bridges, ramps and other basic projects.

Features of:

The small-bore compass inclinometer adopts modern advanced technology sensor and digital processing technology to measure the drilling apex angle and azimuth angle by remote measurement. It has high measurement accuracy, easy operation, no maintenance, high reliability, and a wide range of application fields.

Downhole measurement, ground remote control

No need to set time, do measure at any time.

Battery display, human intelligence

Smart switch, no need to disassemble

Multi-point storage, can be connected to a computer

Specification of:

1.Apex angle measurement range: 0°~45°

2.Apex measurement accuracy: ±0.1°

3.Top angle reading resolution: 0.01°

4.Azimuth measurement range: 0°~360°

5.Azimuth measurement accuracy: ±2°

6.Azimuth reading resolution: 0.1°

7.Applicable drilling depth: water pressure resistance 20MPa

8.Applicable drilling temperature: 0~75°C

9.Applicable drilling diameter: not less than ф45mm

10.Downhole shape: ф40mm; 1090mm.

11.Underground weight: 5kg.

12.Measurement method: Spot measurement; measure and record the vertex and azimuth by remote control by the handheld.

13.Depth setting range: 0~9999 meters.

14.Measurable points: 1 ~ 99.

15.Power: Maintenance-free rechargeable lithium battery, can work continuously for more than 30 hours.

16.Downhole Charger: Dedicated lithium battery charger.