100m Water Well Level Indicator

100m Water Well Level Indicator

Water well level indicator is designed for well drillers, consultants and hydrogeologists all across the globe. The water well leve meter is manufactured for professionals who require the most accurate measurements of water levels, length of well-casing and total well-depth.
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Product Details

Why do you choose our?

1.Gives you years of accurate use – High-strength tape reduces stretching, ensuring accurate readings over the lifetime of the meter. Corrosion-resistant probe and protected electronics prevent wear and tear. Built-in roller bar guards the tape from rough or jagged well casings.

2.Reduces the amount of equipment needed– With the switch of a button you can use the same meter for static and drawdown modes, so you’ll always have the right tool for the job.

3.Helps you finish projects faster – The integrated well hanger and roller bar save time and money by both protecting the tape and speeding up deployment. Flexible tape winds smoothly onto the reel and does not stick to wet surfaces and well casings, and vinyl-coated carrying handle is ergonomically designed for easy tape rewinding.

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Product Description

The water well level indicator is renowned for its premium, polyethylene coated yellow steel tape accuracy in measuring depth to water. Available in your choice of either metric or engineering scale. 

The Water Level Sensor is carried to the well and the stainless steel probe is removed from its holder. The probe is then lowered down the well by feeding the tape off of the reel. When the water table is reached, the conductivity of the water completes the electrical circuit in the probe triggering a light and a buzzer in the reel. Typically one feeds the tape down the well until the water level is reached and then one zeros in on the exact level by making small adjustments to the depth of the probe. Once the top of the water table is found, the exact depth is obtained by recording the reading on the marker tape that corresponds to the top of the casing or other suitable reference mark.

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Product Specification:


Steel, yellow enamelled, marked in red (m) anf black (cm, mm)


Stainless steel


Clear polyethylene


30m – 2.75kg
50m – 3kg
100m – 4kg
200m – 5kg
300m – 8kg



14mm diameter


Stainless steel, teflon



450 x 320 x 200mm


Plastic reel



Inbuilt inside cable reel (removable)


Off/On switch, Battery test button


Replaceable 9V, size PP3

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