200m Water Level Indicator

200m Water Level Indicator

We stock a variety of water level indicators perfect for measuring boreholes, tanks and rivers for water level changes.A simple measuring tape with a sensor at the tip for borehole water level readings. All of our instruments are both portable, rugged and are offered in multiple tape lengths to perform even the toughest jobs.
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200m water level indicator(1)(001)


Water level indicator measure the piezometric level of a liquid (usually water) intended for fast measurements in wells and tanks by a single operator, who can work comfortably on the surface. It is a portable instrument, easy to use and simple to maintain, ideal for monitoring the variations in level of groundwater within piezometers, often used as the first instrument of monitoring for dams, for areas surrounding dumps and also in areas with high levels of groundwater drainage. The measurement is made using flexible probe with a diameter of just 14 mm. 

Water level indicators are also essential for monitoring wells and checking for contamination between groundwater at different depths and crossed by a single well. Also are used to monitor water levels during installation and helped ensure the proper placement of the hand pump.

Technical Specification:

Measurement range:0-500m

Resolution: 1mm


Liquid temperature: -20C-+60C

Signal indication: LED, Beeper

Liquid: water or weak alkaline liquid

Battery for signal indication: 9V(6FF22)dry cell

Color: red(default).Other colors, e.g. blue, yellow, orange, etc can be made as requirement.

Carrying reel: ABS or steel. Default is ABS.

Packaging: Carton

200m water level indicator(2)(001)


1.When sensor pointer contacts water level, beeper will produce sound and LED is light. Under this time, please slowly put steel tap down so that to find exact position point that beep sound and LED is up. Then can read the depth value between this point and hole exit.

2.The value accuracy is decided by a timely judge of start position when beeper or LED works. The accuracy is decided by operator, so users should do more practice repeatedly.

200m water level indicator(3)(001)

After Measurement:

1.When measurement is done, user should do the following points to do maintenance work so that the water level meters have a longer life and a better condition.

2.Not allow to bend steel tape & cable, especially the close section to sensor part.

3. Clean sensor and steep tape after measurement. Wrap tape to the reel properly and thenplace the level indicator to cabinet.

4.Decided by limiting battery capacity. Please power Off quickly once test is done. When indication LED is gloomy and beep sound is weak or no any indication, please replace new 9V battery.

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