High Accuracy Water Level Meter

High Accuracy Water Level Meter

The high accuracy water level meter comprises a Stainless Steel probe fitted to a flexible graduated cable which is wound on to a hand reel containing a transistorised switched circuit, audio and visual indicators and a battery. it is simple to use and being portable can be used at many locations.
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Product Details

high accuracy water level meter-1(001)

Technical parameters:

Probe diameter


Probe length


Probe material

Austenitic stainless steel

Tape type

Steel mm markings

Tape width


Tape coating


Tape lengths

30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 meters

Reel diameter


Audible indicator

88 dB (A) buzzer

Visual indicator



9 volt

Temperature range

-20 to +80°C

Steel ruler resolution: minimeter

high accuracy water level meter-2(001)

Measuring range of high accuracy:

high accuracy water level meter-3(001)


• Easily portable

• Tape design prevents tape sticking to wet surfaces

• Economic water level monitoring

• Ideal for boreholes with small diameters

How to read the depth of water level:

1. Put the probe into hole.

2. When probe touches water, light flash and beeper sounds.

3. Hold cable against reference and read depth to water from cable marks.

Example: Top of well is your reference. When probe touches water, hold cable against top of well. Then note which cable mark aligns with top of well.

4. Read the length of the cable.

Different color:

high accuracy water level meter-4(001)


1. Due to battery capacity, should turn off immediately after measurement. When replace the battery, should open the battery cover to replace battery.

2. Must be clean and wipe probe and ruler after measurement. And wind the ruler on the reel and place in bin.

3. To avoid damage, probe should seal work.

4. And problems, please feel free contact us.

5. Ruler cable should avoid bent, special on top end.

6. Light take and place, to avoid severe shock.

7. Should keep in -10℃~+40℃, humidity is <80% and non-corrosiveness environment.

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