Sonar Water Level Meter

Sonar Water Level Meter

Sonar water level meter is ideal for water level measurement in boreholes, standpipes and wells. It is the most accurate and reliable water level dip meter in the Solinst Range. This water level meter is very easy to operate and read to each millimetre or 1/100ft.
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Sonar water level meter is best used to measure water levels in piezometers, monitoring wells, and bore holes. Designed to be very accurate to great distances, they can also be used to determine total well depth before or after installation. Most of these well tapes, tag lines and cabled meters have probes that detect the water via fluid conductivity. These meters then emit an audio or visual signal to denote where the water level is. This category also includes well sounders, which offer a non-contact depth measurement. Some well tapes even measure the conductivity level and temperature in addition to water level.


Accurate water level measurements

Obtain measurements in seconds

Avoid cross-contamination

No equipment to clean

Works in cased steel or PVC-capped wells, partially cased rock wells, crooked wells, and wells with pipes, wiring, and operating pumps.



Markings each 1/100 ft. or millimeter

Traceable to national standards

Sensitivity adjustable to conductivity

Probes avoid false readings in cascading water



Permanent laser markings

Non-stretch PVDF flat tape with stainless steel conductors


Long Life

Rugged, corrosion proof components

Strong, flexible tapes

Easy to splice and repair



PVDF replacement tapes are interchangeable with other meters

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