Water Level Indicator Gauge

Water Level Indicator Gauge

Water level indicator gauge for measuring boreholes, tanks, rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs for water level, pressure and temperature changes. It is portable, rugged and are offered in multiple tape lengths to perform even the toughest jobs. Oil/water interface probes are also available.
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Water level indicator gauge is available in several versions and is considered the industry standard for portable, hand-operated measurement of water depth in wells, boreholes, standpipes and tanks. They are sturdy, easy to use and provide accurate results to the millimeter, or to 1/100 ft. Water level meters feature pressure-proof stainless steel probes rated to 500 psi, laser marked PVDF tapes, indicator lights and audible alarms.



Submersible stainless steel probe

Available in metric or U.S. units in lengths up to 600 m (2000 ft)

Accuracy to each millimeter or 0.01 foot

DC to AC conversion prevents corrosion and mineral buildup on probe

Sensitivity dial filters out false signals from falling water

Removable, sealed electronic module

Security link protects tape by releasing the probe if it becomes stuck in the well


ASME-Compliant–Premium-grade tape is marked to engineering scale, with maximum stretch resistance for years of accurate use.

Reads accurate data for years–High-strength tape reduces stretching, ensuring accurate readings over the lifetime of the meter. Corrosion-resistant probe and protected electronics prevent wear and tear. Built-in roller bar guards the tape from rough or jagged well casings.

Helps you finish projects faster–The integrated well hanger, guide, and break allow for easy deployment, saving both time and money in the field. Flexible tape winds smoothly onto the reel and does not stick to wet surfaces and well casings, and vinyl-coated carrying handle is ergonomically designed for easy tape rewinding.

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