Borehole Logging Equipment for SP and Caliper

Borehole Logging Equipment for SP and Caliper

Borehole logging equipment for SP and caliper is a digital control logging system. The measurement parameters are large and the scope is wide. Measure than 20 kinds parameters, covered with metal ore, coal, oil field, radioactive, hydrology, with great cost-effective.
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Product Details

Main Application:

The shallow, middle and deep hydrogeology, engineering geology integrated digital logging for water conservancy and hydropower, railway, road, civicism, electricity, transport, urban construction and other industries.

System Component:

Acquisition host machine,

Various kinds of probes,

Manually (or automatically) winch and other related accessories.

3-Arm Caliper Probe Parameter:

1. Measurement Mode:Three mechanically coupled arms in contact

2. Measurement Range:40~ 300 mm

3. Measurement Accuracy:1.5% F.S

4. Opening Mode:Software-controlled;Motor as transact organ

5. Environmental: Temperature≦85℃;Pressure≤20MPa

6. FD-3019 Composite interface(Special Order)

7. Signal:Bipolar Codes

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