Borehole Logging Winch

Borehole Logging Winch

The borehole logging winch is one part of geophysical logging system. The cable length can be 0-3000m. It is used to down and up the logging probe in boreholes.
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DJ series winch is a special equipment for geophysical exploration and geological survey. It is mainly used with GDQ-2D integrated digital logging equipment and can also be used with other logging equipment. Most DJ series winches are anti-magnetic design, stepless speed adjustment and automatic cable arrangement. The performance can be applied to various geological prospecting areas. DJ series winch equipment adopts frequency conversion motor, dc motor, ac asynchronous motor as power source, and has a wide range of speed regulation, smooth variable speed, convenient operation, simple maintenance and so on. It can be used in geophysical prospecting and geological survey work on the land, sea, plateau (which is less than 5,500 meters above sea level) and other environments on the earth.

 borehole logging winch

Features & Benefits

1  Power

DJ series logging cable winch is powered by marine frequency conversion motor, tombarthite permanent magnet DC motor, industrial frequency conversion motor, dc motor, ac asynchronous motor as power source. The selection of power source mainly considers the factors such as high temperature and humidity environment, high altitude environment, convenient field transportation, convenient maintenance, long-term continuous operation and so on, so as to ensure the reliability of the whole set of equipment.

2 Automatic cable arrangement function

Most DJ series logging cable winch has automatic cable arrangement function, which ensures that the cable can be precisely and neatly arranged when dropping and lifting, and can greatly prolong the service life of the measuring cable. It is very important that the winch has automatic cable arrangement function especially for steel wire armored cable.

3 Automatic braking function

DJ series logging cable winch has the automatic braking function. The winch can automatically stop when encountered in the use process of emergencies, such as power outages, winch controller failure and so on to keep the tube safe, so the tube will not fall.

4, Manual function

The DJ series logging cable winch is equipped with a handle, which can drop or lift by hand without electricity in special circumstances.

5. Accurate measurement of cable length

The DJ series logging cable winch has precise cable metering device to ensure that the instrument has an accurate depth in the process of lifting or dropping of cables.

6, Resistance to salt fog

  Main components of DJ series cable winch for Marine geophysical survey adopt high strength aluminum alloy as the material. The surface is coated with electrostatic spraying, some fasteners are stainless steel. It takes Marine ac motor as power source, and the cable has kevlar wire and  wire twisted rope core and it is coated with polyurethane.

7, The magnetization

  For the purpose of electric logging, magnetic logging and other projects, the main structure of the DJ series logging cable winch adopt high strength aluminum alloy as material, which ensures that the logging cable can not be magnetized, and keep the minimum amount of self and mutual inductance.

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1. Cable length measurement: automatic measurement

2. Photoelectric pulse generator: SG9208, 1800P/R for each transfer pulse

3. Transmission device: JLH0710

4. Self-locking brake and manual brake

5. Class of electrical motor insulation: Grade F;Shell protection level : IP56

6. Use of the environment:  less than 5500 meters, ambient temperature - 20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃, relative humidity 99% or less;Power: 220V current 5A

borehole logging winch (2)

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