Deep Water Well Logging Equipment

Deep Water Well Logging Equipment

GDQ-2D Deep water well logging equipment is geophysical slimhole borehole logging systems for groundwater, mining, research, geotechnical applications. It features a complete range of wireline logging probes, geophysical logging winches, data loggers.
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GDQ-2D Deep water well logging equipment is used in exploration for water well, coal mine and other mining borehole. The system identifies lithologies and stratigraphic correlations in boreholes, cased or uncased, liquid or air filled. For mining and groundwater exploration, the system provides information on the sequence of rocks in the borehole, and it can also be used to locate nonradioactive substances such as coal.

GDQ - 2D  Deep water well logging equipment probe diameter is 40mm to 50 mm, and length 1000mm to 1500mm size. Stainless steel made sonde. Bear 20Mpa to 40 MPa water pressure, temperature is 70 to 90 ℃. Also can bear 60 MPa water pressure and temperature 120 ℃ in deep borehole.


1.Integrated digital control logging system

2.Measurement multi parameters 

3.Portable, convenient for mobile transportation.

4.Operating and maintenance is simple

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