Digital Well Logging System High Resolution

Digital Well Logging System High Resolution

JHQ-2D integrated digital control logging system is a new generation of digital logging equipment., which based on summarizing more than 20 years in production and successful experience of digital logging equipment's research and development, following the international new trend of development of the small digital logging technology, and combining with China's national conditions
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Advantages of the Digital Well Logging System

(1) the measurement parameters are large and the scope is wide.

(2) the reliability is high and the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is long.

(3) portable, convenient for mobile transportation.

(4) operating and maintenance is simple.

The main reason for these advantages is that the design and development is absorbing other's merits, fully considering the various needs of the industry, and considering the competitiveness in the international market. JHQ - 2D system can measure than 20 kinds parameters, covered with metal ore, coal, oil field, radioactive, hydrology, and other areas of the various user's requirements, with great cost-effective.

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