Borehole Logging Equipment

Borehole Logging Equipment

The borehole logging equipment is geophysical equipment which is widely used for borehole geophysical measurement, such as resistivity, SP, gamma, caliper, temperature and so on.
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Main Applications and Features:

Hydrological Engineering Digital Integrated Logging

Solid Metal Ore Digital Integrated Logging

Other Minerals Digital Integrated Logging

External Laptop (Desktop PC)

For upward logging, also for downward logging

Receive digital signal

Automatic sampling as per depth interval, sampling interval arbitrarily

Indoor simulation logging, repeatability observation of instruments and probes

Membrane panel, attractive and durable

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Main Machine of Borehole Logging Equipment Parameters:

1. The use of the environment:Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz;Using the environment temperature: -20℃ ~ 45℃;Using the environment humidity: 90% or less (45℃)

2.The depth measurement system:Depth measurement range: 0 ~ 9999.99 m;Depth resolution: 0.28 mm;Speed measurement range: 0 ~ 9999m/h;Deep optical pulse signal: 3600 pulses per meter

3.Signal transmission system: Bottom hole output signal: bipolar coding;Communication with the computer: RS232 or USB;The underground signal detection level: plus or minus 0.5 V ~ plus or minus 12V

4. Figure out the depth of the graph; 1:10; 1:50. 1:100. 1:0; 1, 50, 0, etc.

5. The drawing accuracy:8 points per millimeter (curve);64 pixels per square millimeter (image method).

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Many probes of borehole logging equipment for option, such as:

JDX-2Dr Natural Gamma & Electrical Resistivity probe


The Electrical Resistivity probe measures natural gamma,gradient resistivity,normal resistivity and spontaneous potential (SP) simultaneously. Users can log resistivity profiles with different depths of investigation and gain information about permeability, porosity, water quality and geological formation properties.

Operating Conditions:Uncased;Borehole Fluid:Water or Mud


1. Instrument power supply:DC200V±20%,Electricity≤40mA

2. Electrode array: N 0.6 M2 1.3 M1 0.3 A

3. Natural gamma sensor:NaI Crystal

4. Measuring range:

Apparent resistivity:1~4000Ωm(customize10000Ωm)

Spontaneous potential (SP):±1200mV

Natural gamma:0~32768cps

5. Measurement accuracy:2%(10~4000Ωm)or ±1Ωm

6. Environmental: Temperature≦80℃;Pressure≤20MPa

JJY-3D 3-Arm Caliper Probe


The 3-Arm Caliper probe records a single continuous borehole diameter log by means of three mechanically coupled arms in contact with the borehole wall.Also equipped with liquid level detection electrode, Measure the depth of the liquid level in the borehole.Liquid level depth and caliper is the important parameters of hydrological survey well logging information.

Operating Conditions:Uncased;Borehole Fluid:Dry, Water or Mud


1. Measurement Mode:Three mechanically coupled arms in contact

2. Measurement Range:40~ 300 mm

3. Measurement Accuracy:1.5% F.S

4. Opening Mode:Software-controlled;Motor as transact organ

5. Environmental: Temperature≦85℃;Pressure≤20MPa

6. FD-3019 Composite interface(Special Order)

7. Signal:Bipolar Codes

JSS-3 Sonic Probe


The JSS-3 Sonic probe used extensively in the groundwater, mining, and geotechnical industries. Sonic logs are widely employed, often in combination with other logs, to provide porosity, permeability, and geo-mechanical properties. This probe is ideal for cased-hole and open hole applications, such as fracture identification and cement bond logging.

Operating Conditions:Uncased;Borehole Fluid:Water or Mud



1.Sensor:Ceramic-piezoelectric transducer

2. Measuring Range: 125μs/m~555μs/m

3. Measurement Accuracy:5μs/m

4. Time-base:0. 5μs, Stability:0.1PPM

5. Environmental: Temperature≦85℃;Pressure≤20MPa

6.Signal:Bipolar codes

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