Geophysical Caliper Well Logging Probe

Geophysical Caliper Well Logging Probe

Geophysical Caliper Well Logging Probe is equipped with well logging equipment, it is used for measuring the well caliper from bottom to up.
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JJY-3D  3-Arm Caliper


The 3-Arm Caliper probe records a single continuous borehole diameter log by means of three mechanically coupled arms in contact with the borehole wall.Also equipped with liquid level detection electrode, Measure the depth of the liquid level in the borehole.Liquid level depth and caliper is the important parameters of hydrological survey well logging information.

Operating Conditions:Uncased;Borehole Fluid:Dry, Water or Mud.

Caliper Well Logging Probe

Features & Benefits

1、Opening and closing of the motor-driver caliper arms is by surface command, allowing the probe to run into the borehole with the arms retracted.

2、Easy exchangeable caliper arm lengths and wear tips


Rock integrity evaluation

Fracture and cavity localization

Borehole diameter measurement

Borehole volume calculation before borehole completion, cementation

Often used in the implementation of environmental correction equations for other logs

well caliper logging


1. Measurement Mode:Three mechanically coupled arms in contact

2. Measurement Range:40~ 300 mm

3. Measurement Accuracy:1.5% F.S

4. Opening Mode:Software-controlled;Motor as transact organ

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