Geophysical Logging Equipment for Water Well

Geophysical Logging Equipment for Water Well

Geophysical logging equipment for water well is composed of main unit, logging winch and logging probes. Acquire the geophysical data such as resistivity, SP, Gamma, Caliper and so on. The survey depth can be 0-3000M.
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Coal Field Digital Integrated Logging

Hydrological Engineering Digital Integrated Logging

Solid Metal Ore Digital Integrated Logging

Other Minerals Digital Integrated Logging


1. The use of the environment:Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz;Using the environment temperature: -20℃ ~ 45℃;

2.The depth measurement system:Depth measurement range: 0 ~ 9999.99 m;Depth resolution: 0.28 mm;Speed measurement range: 0 ~ 9999m/h;Deep optical pulse signal: 3600 pulses per meter

3.Signal transmission system: Bottom hole output signal: bipolar coding;Communication with the computer: RS232 or USB;The underground signal detection level: plus or minus 0.5 V ~ plus or minus 12V

4. Figure out the depth of the graph; 1:10; 1:50. 1:100. 1:0; 1, 50, 0, etc.

5. The drawing accuracy:8 points per millimeter (curve);64 pixels per square millimeter (image method)

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