Sonic Well Logging Equipment

Sonic Well Logging Equipment

Sonic well logging equipment is used for geophysical borehole logging by sonic measurement. Widely used for groundwater, mining, and geotechnical industries.
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Sonic Well Logging Equipment 2


The JSS-3 Sonic logging probe used extensively in the groundwater, mining, and geotechnical industries. Sonic logs are widely employed, often in combination with other logs, to provide porosity, permeability, and geo-mechanical properties. This probe is ideal for cased-hole and open hole applications, such as fracture identification and cement bond logging.

Operating Conditions:Uncased;Borehole Fluid:Water or Mud

Features & Benefits:

1、Implement a high energy source wave generated by a ceramic-piezoelectric transducer.

2、Versatile, ubiquitous probe which functions with a wide range of applications and borehole conditions.


Identification and hydraulic characterization of fractures

Lithology identification

Variation of rock strength

Porosity and permeability evaluation

Cased hole: Cement Bond Logging (CBL)

Sonic Well Logging Equipment 3


1.Sensor:Ceramic-piezoelectric transducer

2. Measuring Range: 125μs/m~555μs/m

3. Measurement Accuracy:5μs/m

4. Time-base:0. 5μs, Stability:0.1PPM

5. Environmental: Temperature≦85℃;Pressure≤20MPa

6.Signal:Bipolar codes

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