SP Resistivity Well Logging Equipment

SP Resistivity Well Logging Equipment

The SP Resistivity Well Logging Probe is widely used in geophysical electrical logging for water wells. The operation condition is uncased. Maximum depth is 3000 meters.
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SP Resistivity Well Logging Equipment 3



DX-3Dr  Natural Gamma & Electrical Resistivity Probe


The Natural Gamma & Electrical Resistivity Probe measures natural gamma16” Normal & 64”Normal ResistivitySpontaneous Potential (SP)Single Point Resistance(SPR)Temperature. Users can log resistivity profiles with different depths of investigation and gain information about permeability, porosity, water quality and geological formation properties.

Operating ConditionsUncasedBorehole FluidWater or Mud.


Features & Benefits:


1The probe will digitize the measured information of the stratum and transmit it to the surface to avoid the effect of the cable on the measurement data.

2Constant power, adaptive measurement, no manual operation.





Facies changesQuantitative geological formation properties


Identification of hydrostratigraphic units


Aquifer thicknessWater quality


dentification of hydrocarbon intervals


Detection of ore body zonesBed boundary analysis

 SP Resistivity Well Logging Equipment 2




1. Instrument Power SupplyDC200V±20%Electricity≤40mA

2. Electrode ArrayAM 16;AM 64

3. Natural Gamma SensorNaI Crystal

4. Temperature Sensor:Platinum Resistance pt100

5. Measuring Range


Spontaneous Potential (SP)±1200mV

Natural Gamma032768cps

Temperature Range:  0℃100℃Resolution0.025℃

6. Measurement Accuracy2%104000Ωmor ±1Ωm

7. EnvironmentalTemperature≦80℃Pressure≤20MPa

8. Signal: Bipolar Codes

SP Resistivity Well Logging Equipment 1

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