Well Logging Tool

Well Logging Tool

GDQ well logging tools also supply logging probes or logging sondes. They sense and provide data in the form of logs. This includes geophysical properties of the formations that have been crossed by the borehole and logs of the properties of the fluid therein.
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GDQ Well logging tools is required to supply power and communicate with the sondes and the data acquisition PC which is usually a laptop that is used for data display and storage. The logger is supplied with log data acquisition software. The GDQ Well logging tools logger is a compact unit that is extremely easy to use. One simply switches it on.

GDQ Well logging tools winch is used to convey the logging tools up and down the boreholes. Logging winches come in different sizes in terms of motor power and cable capacity. This is determined according to the expected maximum borehole depths and also according to whether the end user intends. The winches include a level-wind system, a cable tension device, a motor torque limiter, emergency stop buttons and in large winches, a breaking system in case of unexpected power failure.

GDQ Well logging tools sondes or probes for multi parameters: resistivity, natural gamma, inclination, caliper, neutron, density, sonic, self potential, induced polarizability, temperature, flow and so on.

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