Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Rig

Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Rig

GXY-100 Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Rig is based on our years hydraulic drilling rig, this core drilling rig is sued for general survey and construction, but also can be widely used in urban construction, hydropower, construction projects and other fields.
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1. Install the crawler chassis with rigs, diesel engine driven, integrated drilling rigs, drilling winch, etc. related institutions in one. User purchasing procedure is simple and easy to use.

2. drilling speed range is wide, convenient for users to use diamond, alloy and DTH hammer drilling process. Especially with casing core drill rig is equipped with shock, which solves the problem of overburden layer exploration core, but also greatly improve the efficiency of exploration.

3. the drilling rig adopts the full hydraulic chuck through hole structure, and the chuck holder is used to screw and unload the drill rod. Improve labor efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

4. power head designed sliding guide mechanism, the orifice, with 3 ton winch on the drill pipe, drill pipe to reduce the time, improve labor productivity.

5. rig system designed for two independent systems, in addition to all drilling operations, but also drive such as water pumps, vacuum cleaners and other operating mechanisms.

Main technical parameters of drilling rig:

1. drill hole depth(m) 100

2. maximum diameter of opening (mm) 150

3. end hole diameter (mm) Φ75

4. drilling angle (º) 90

5. chuck through hole (mm) Φ80

7. power head speed (r/min) 50.100.375.650

8. power head maximum torque (N.m) 4500

9. single pass (mm) 3500

10. propulsive force / pulling force (KN) 0-35/60

11. feeding speed (m/s)  0-0.42

12. hoist capacity (Kg) 3000

13. hoist wire rope diameter (mm)  Φ13

14. power machine power (Kw) 56 (model:4105 diesel engine)

15. rig adaptation process diamond, alloy, DTH hammer.

16. caterpillar climbing angle(º) 25 

17. track speed (Km/h)  1

18. overall dimension of drilling rig(L*W*H)   (mm)   5500*2100*2000

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