Diamond Core Drilling Rig

Diamond Core Drilling Rig

Diamond core drilling rig solutions for both shallow and deep hole, small and large diameter core, including wire-line and conventional. For your next surface core drilling project, insist on the best rigs and tooling for the best results.
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A drilling rig is used to drill a hole, and this requires qualified personnel, different types of equipment the application of a great variety of technology.

When a drilling project is commenced, two goals must be achieved:

To drill and finish the well in a safe manner (personal injuries, technical problems) and according to its purpose;

To complete the project with minimum cost.

The overall costs of the well must be optimized and this optimization may influence where the well is drilled (onshore-extended reach or offshore above reservoir), the drilling technology applied (conventional or slim-hole drilling) as well as the evaluation procedures run to gather subsurface information for future drilling projects.


Our land drilling rigs offer market-leading power, precision, and rig design. Our innovative technology packages, when integrated with our drilling equipment, drive significant performance improvements, giving you an edge in today's most challenging drilling environments.

Understanding that flexibility in the field is critical, our land rigs can be rigged up and down with ease and speed. We've designed our rigs to succeed in difficult drilling conditions, letting you drill for oil or gas when and where you need to with confidence.

System Configuration:

Major components of the diamond core drilling rig include the mud tanks and pumps, the derrick, the drawworks, the rotary table, the drill string, the power generation equipment and auxiliary equipment.

A complete drilling rig may be assembled on a barge and the vessel used for drilling wells in lakes and in inland waters and marshes.

A drilling rig is the equipment used to drill a well&borehole.

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