Small Core Drilling Rig

Small Core Drilling Rig

Small core drilling rig is a powerful&compact diamond core drilling solution designed for deeper and larger holes. It has the highest feed and pullout capacity in its class, in relation to its weight and size. The direct feed system reduces the number of moving parts and extends the service life.
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Drilling application: deep borehole, core drilling, soil investigation, general exploration in road, building and blasting engineering.

Mobility: spindle shaft, crawler mounted.

Drilling method: rotary, diamond/alloy/PDC bits.

Other characteristics: construction, hydraulic, engineering.


Small core drilling rig is specifically designed for deep core drilling and a necessary machine for soil investigation. This product features a high pull/push values and high hydraulic power installed that operates a fast rotary speed of over 1000 rpm. It is mainly used for conventional and wire-line diamond core drilling to great depths. 

Moreover, It comes up with hydraulic balancing, fixed kinematic mechanism, rotary head with 6-speed transmission for a maximum speed of 1000 rpm, and extraction capacity of 19 500 kg.


Modular design offers flexibility for drilling in tight spaces

Open and accessible design for ease of service and maintenance

Fast rod handling results in increased productivity

Ability to drill in any direction offers greater flexibility

Ideal for deep hole core drilling in confined spaces.

The load sensing system enables directly proportional oil flow, increasing efficiency

All operating commands in auto mode are executed automatically from the touchscreen

Individual user profiles permit saving settings for a particular drill site

Torque and rpm can be adjusted to suit rock formation

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