Auto Agricultural Laser Land Leveling Tools

Auto Agricultural Laser Land Leveling Tools

Auto agricultural laser land leveling fine after soil production conditions improved, can obtain the comprehensive effect. Can improve the productivity of farmland, water saving and production, is conducive to the control of weeds and pests, reduce the use of fertilizer, reduce environmental pollution.
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(1) can save irrigation water 30~50%.

The most important characteristic  of laser leveling is to  save agricultural irrigation water, reduce the cost of water, and improve the effect of agricultural irrigation.

(2) to increase the utilization rate of more than 20% of the fertilizer.

After land leveling, the use of chemical fertilizer is effectively retained in the roots of crops, which can improve the utilization rate of the fertilizer, reducing environmental pollution.

(3) can increase crop yield 20~30%.

Using laser  technology to improve  the precision of  the land  leveling technology to  improve the yield of 20-30%, compared with the flat land to improve the 50%.

These impressive results are obtained by the  use of the amount of water required for the  growth of plants.

The average distribution of water improves the environment of plant germination and growth, and increases the yield of crops. Studies have indicated that the increase in the yield of this method is directly related to the degree of land leveling.

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