Borehole Survey Tool

Borehole Survey Tool

The borehole survey tool inclinometer is suitable for non-magnetic rock formations with diameters greater than Ø46 mm and for boreholes within the borehole.
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What are the types of inclinometers?

Manual Inclinometer/Digital Inclinometer

A manual inclinometer system is composed of the following components:

  1. Inclinometer probe

  2. Inclinometer cable reel (marked at every 0.5 m / 1 m )

  3. Mobile Readout Unit

  4. Accessories: Cable Reel battery, Battery Charger, Mobile battery, Mobile Charger

The borehol survey tool inclinometer is widely used for measure drilling borehole inclination.

The probe has a base length of 0.5 - 1.5 m. The vertical inclinometer is applied in vertical boreholes  and the horizontal one in horizontal boreholes.  The wireless inclinometer is composed by probe and the digital receiver. It is easy to operate.

Borehole Survey Tool 2

Technical Specifications:

Dip range:0°- 50°
Azimuth range:0°- 360°
Resolution:Azimuth:0.1° Dip: 0.01°
Endurance:20 hours
Dimensions:40mm * 1230mmlength, weight 6kg
Operation Mode:Real time survey
Power Supply:Probe: Rechargeable lithium battery pack
Controller: 2600mAh polymer battery

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