Digital Downhole Seismograph For Borehole Seismic Testing

Digital Downhole Seismograph is popular for Bridge and Dam Foundation Analysis. It is for P and S wave from deep borehole
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The downhole seismograph is mainly composed of wave speed tester, wave speed detector (abbreviation: probe), three-component detector, trigger detector, ground pulsation sensor and special cable, etc .; the wave speed detector is mainly sealed by a cylindrical metal waterproof It consists of electromagnetic excitation source, two independent fully sealed detectors, damping and high-strength soft rubber tube.


Field investigation shear wave velocity test

Field investigation micro-tremor excellence cycle test

Shear wave and compression wave test for engineering survey;

2ZF110 Self-excited probe1/
3Dedicated cable2110m /30m
4Three component detector1/
5External trigger detector1/
7U disk1/
9Instrument box2/
10Product warranty card1/
12Product certification1/
13Packing List1/

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