DZD-8 Geophysical Instruments For Groundwater Investigations

DZD-8 Geophysical Instruments for Groundwater Investigations is the latest generation of multi-functional DC meter. The geophysical instruments is Widely used in the exploration of metal and non-metal mineral resources, groundwater resources / geothermal resources and other fields
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Combined geophysical techniques such as multi-electrode resistivity, induced polarization, and borehole geophysical techniques were carried out on volcano-sedimentary rocks in the north of Gemas as part of the groundwater resource’s investigations.

DZD-8 Geophysical Instruments for Groundwater Investigations (3)

The geophysical instruments is Widely used in the exploration of metal and non-metal mineral resources, groundwater resources / geothermal resources and other fields; it can also be used in the engineering geological investigation of dam foundation, hidden danger location of levee, bridge and tunnel investigation of highway / railway and urban geophysical exploration.

The geophysical instruments with Multi function: cover all functions of conventional resistivity / IP meter, 2D / 3D ERT system, rock sample tester and multi parameter water detector. 

The geophysical instrument can measure  multi parameters : voltage, current, apparent resistivity, apparent polarizability, natural potential, self electric gradient, half decay, attenuation, excitation ratio, deviation, metal factor, ground resistance and voltage decay curve (i.e. IP spectrum data). 


DZD-8 Multi-function Full Wave DC Electron Meter


Full waveform record of current and potential

Measuring voltage range

±40V   32 A/D

Measuring voltage resolution


Measuring voltage accuracy

Voltage >1mV, accuracy ≤0.1%, 

voltage ≤1mV, accuracy±1uV

Apparent polarizability accuracy

Fs. error≤±0.2%

Measuring current range

0 -6000 mA(32 A/D) 

Measuring current resolution


Measuring current accuracy

When Ip≥10mA,±0.1%, 

when Ip<10mA,accuracy ±2uA

Sample frequency


Input impedance


Suppression of 50Hz power frequency interference


SP compensation

±40V Full range real-time automatic tracking digital compensation


Max. power supply voltage


Max. power supply current


Max. output power

7500 W

Power supply pulse width

1-64s,Duty cycle 1:1

Other parts

Operating system

Embedded Linux real time system


6.4 inch 24 digital real color LCD,brightness 1200cd/m2

Data Storage

16G-64Goptional ,USB2.0 transfer

Internal Battery

16.8V 12.5Ah, continuously work for 20 hours

External Battery

12V battery



Working Temperature



300 x 225 x 132 mm



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