Electromagnetic Survey Equipment

Electromagnetic Survey Equipment

GD-4 electromagnetic survey equipment is com uses include hydrocarbon (oil and gas) exploration, geothermal exploration, carbon sequestration, mining exploration, as well as hydrocarbon and groundwater monitoring.
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GD-4 magnetotelluric instrument is based on the mature magnetotelluric theory, the random signal processing technology, embedded real-time operating system technology, large-scale field programmable logic array technology, 32 A/D high precision and high speed recording technology and the latest electronic technology, electromagnetic high frequency earth (HMT), audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) and magnetotelluric (MT or LMT) as one of the wide band magnetotelluric instrument.

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Wide band magnetotelluric instrument can use the high frequency magnetotelluric sounding (100kHz-10Hz) to carry out a few meters to a kilometer in the shallow depth of the human activity is the most active exploration, also can use audio frequency magnetotelluric sounding (10kHz-0.1Hz) or long period magnetotelluric (1kHz-1000s) to carry out deep research of macro geological problems.

The natural source and artificial source mixed mode -- the aplication of magnetotelluric sounding principle, which can be carried out natural source magnetotelluric sounding, can also carry out artificial source electromagnetic sounding, or a mixture of the two acquisition.

Tensor and scalar can be observed, can be carried out for fast screening of scalar measurement, can also carry out two or three dimensional geological structure tensor measurement.

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Base and Precious Metals Exploration

Oil and Gas Exploration

Diamond Exploration

Environmental and Engineering Studies

Geothermal Exploration

Reservoir Monitoring

Groundwater Exploration

Deep Crustal Research

Earthquake Prediction Research

Reservoir monitoring

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Techncial Specification:

Number of channels

4 channel (channel 2 Channel 2 electric, magnetic)

AD converter

32 bit high speed ADC maximum sampling rate of 192ksps)

Dynamic range

160dB system, 130dB@24kHz moment


DC to 92kHz

Input range

10 V PP @ 0dB;

Noise level

<5nV/ V Hz@24kHz, 36 dB

Input impedance

electric magnetic channel >10MOhm
channel >20kOhm

Gain control

0dB, 12dB, programmable 24 dB, 36dB

Synchronization accuracy

+ 100ns

Power consumption



26 x 17.3x 10.6 cm



Waterproof level


Test content

instrument gain, dynamic range detection,

Embedded operating system



6.5 inch industrial LCD

LCD brightness

1200cd/m2, visible light

Storage capacity


Data transmission

USB2.0 high-speed transmission

Battery capacity

12.6V 13.4Ah, 16 hours of continuous work

Power interface

external battery or 12V adapter work

Optional items

1. M100K magnetic sensor

2. M10K magnetic sensor

3. The TM4000 transmitter 

4. ZxMT magnetotelluric pretreatment software

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