Land Survey TEM Equipment Transient Electromagnetical

Transient electromagnetic instrument (TEM) is a tool for detecting ground aquifer
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land survey tem equipment

Transient electromagnetic method has the following advantages

(1) because of its high construction efficiency, pure secondary field observation and sensitivity to low resistivity body, it has become the preferred method in the current coalfield hydrogeological exploration;

(2) transient electromagnetic method (TEM) is the most sensitive method to find low resistivity geological body in high resistivity surrounding rock, and there is no topographic effect;

(3) using the same point combination observation, it has the best coupling with the detection target, strong abnormal response, simple shape and strong resolution;

(4) profile survey and sounding are completed at the same time to provide more useful information.

WTEM-2D/60 Transmitter
Transmitting voltage12V~ 200 V DC
Transmitting current≤60A
Current measurement
Power supply frequenciesSupplo.0625Hz, 0.125Hz, 0.25Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz, 32Hz
Transmitting waveform+ON, OFF, -ON, OFF, equal width and dual polarity
Turn-off delay time160ns (Pure resistance load)
Damping resistance10000
Transmitting coil0.1km* 0. 1km single turn ~ 2km*2km single turn
Synchronization mode extemal synchronization(cable, GPS, Quartz clock)
Power supplyinternal 12V8. 6Ah rechargeable battery (or extermal 12V power supply)
lasting for over 8 hours
Weight12. 7kg
Working temperature-10°C~+50°C

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