Magnetotelluric System

Magnetotelluric System

Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) and Time Domain Induced Polarization (TDIP) methods are very effective geophysical tools for exploration of ore or hydrocarbon deposits as well as for hydrogeological, environmental and civil engineering investigations.
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Transient electromagnetics, (also time-domain electromagnetics / TDEM), is a geophysical exploration technique in which electric and magnetic fields are induced by transient pulses of electric current and the subsequent decay response measured. TEM / TDEM methods are generally able to determine subsurface electrical properties, but are also sensitive to subsurface magnetic properties in applications like UXO detection and characterization. TEM/TDEM surveys are a very common surface EM technique for mineral exploration, groundwater exploration, and for environmental mapping.

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System Included:

TEM/TDEM systems consist of a transmitter instrument, transmitting coil or transmitting wire, receiver coil or antenna, and receiver instrument.

Main Functions and Features

1. All-round optimization of WTEM-2J receiver: Except for the power switch, all operations are carried out in pocket PC through Bluetooth. 

2. Improved WTEM-2T/GPS transmitter synchronized controller: a better GPS module and antenna with higher sensibility, faster in synchronization speed, compacter in size and lighter in weight.

3. Support several synchronization mode: cable synchronization GPS synchronization“GPS + Clock” synchronization (optional) When GPS satellite signal is very weak or disappears, the quartz crystal will perform synchronization with error less than 1μs/hour. 

4. Wide range of sounding depth: WTEM-1D transmitter can help to perform medium-deep or deep exploration in tens of meters to thousands of meters.

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Technical Specification:

WTEM-2T/GPS Transmitter Synchronized Controller (Optional)

Frequency support: 0.0625Hz, 0.125Hz, 0.25Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz, 32Hz

Synchronization error: ≤250ns

Available satellite (max.): 12

Synchronization time needed: ≤40s

Working current: ≤170mA

Power supply: internal 7.4V4Ah rechargeable battery (support 12V external power supply) lasts for over 20 hours.

Dimension: 270×246×123mm

Weight: 2.5kg

Working temperature: -10°C~+50°C

PTT-40A Receiver Antenna & Adapter (Optional)

Equivalent area: equivalent signal of 2000m2 or 4000m2 area (select through the switch on the adapter)

Noise: 10nV/m2

Bandwidth: 100k Hz

Output impedance: 100Ω

Power source: internal lithium batteries (voltage 14~16.8V)

Weight: adapter 1.1kg, antenna 6.5kg

Dimension:(adapter) φ80mm×250mm; (antenna) 950mm × 950mm × [200~250mm adjustable]

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