Transient Electromagnetic Equipment

Transient Electromagnetic Equipment

WTEM-2 transient electromagnetic equipment are used to map geologic structure in search of geothermal sources, groundwater, aggregate deposits, Mineral exploration, coal detection,Environmental and engineering.
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Product Details

transient electromagnetic equipment (1)(001)


Mining (mineral location and characterization)

Groundwater characterization

HVDC injection point mapping

Oil and gas exploration

Technical Specifications

WTEM-2J Receiver (Standard)

Number of channel: 1 

Pre-amplification gain: 8, 32 times

Main amplification gain: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 times

Band-pass: 0~50k Hz (liner phased filter), full band-pass 0~400k Hz

Suppression: ≥80dB

A/D: 16 bit

Minimum sample interval: 1μs

Trace number: ≤128

Stacking times:1~9999 time

Synchronization mode: Cable synchronization, GPS synchronization, “GPS + Clock” synchronization when GPS satellite signal is very weak or disappears (optional)

Power source: internal 12V9.6Ah rechargeable battery (or external 12V power supply) lasting for over 10 hours.

Pocket PC: Windows Mobile 6.0 system with software such as Word, Excel, etc., 320x240 true color, 64MB Flash Rom/ 64MB SDRAM/64MB 2GB CF card, able to store over 200,000 readings of sampled data,2 original rechargeable batteries.

Ports: Bluetooth, infrared and serial port.

Dimension: 340×295×152mm3

Weight: 5.3kg

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

transient electromagnetic equipment (2)(001)

WTEM-1D Transmitter (Standard)

Transmitting voltage: ≤200V

Transmitting current: ≤50A 

Current measurement precision: current range before power supply being cut off is 0~50A, display resolution is 0.01A.

Power supply frequencies: 0.0625Hz, 0.125Hz, 0.25Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz, 32Hz

Transmitting waveform: +ON, OFF, -ON, OFF, equal width and dual polarity

Turn-off delay time: 1μs~1000μs 

Turn-off time: ≤1.2μs (pure resistance), changing with the transmitting current and transmitting coil when connecting to the coils

Damping resistance: 1000Ω 

Transmitting coil: 0.1km×0.1km single turn ~ 2km×2km single turn 

Synchronization mode: external synchronization (cable, GPS)

Power supply: internal 12V8.6Ah rechargeable battery (or external 12V power supply) lasting for over 10 hours

Dimension: 525×436×217mm3 

Weight: 18.5kg 

Working temperature: -10°C~+50°C

transient electromagnetic equipment (3)(001)

transient electromagnetic equipment (4)(001)

Standard configuration of WTEM-2 system:

WTEM-2J TEM Exploration System Receiver

WTEM-1D 10kw High-Power Transmitter 

WTEM-2T/GPS Transmitter Synchronized Controller

Pocket PC (PDA) to control the TEM system receiver and the system.

Optional instruments:

PTT-40A Antenna & Adapter

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