Transient Magnetic Sounding Survey For Deep Magnetic Exploration

WTEM-2 Medium-Deep/Deep TEM Exploration System applying to medium-deep/deep transient electromagnetic exploration
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WTEM-2J receiver has to work together with a WTEM-1D transmitter to finish medium-deep or deep sounding; in the mode of GPS synchronization, a WTEM-2T/GPS synchronized controller is needed to synchronize WTEM-2J receiver and the transmitter.

PTT-40A Receiver Antenna & Adapter is a specific antenna (or receiving coil) designed for TEM system receiver, which consists of an detached antenna and adapter, with large equivalent area and high signal-to-voice ratio, easy for field layout and free from limitation of landform.

Loop applicable may be central loop or coincident loop, one TEM system transmitter working together with one TEM system receiver; or be large loop, one TEM system transmitter in association with several TEM system receivers. According to differentgeological situations, user could choose an appropriate system to finish surveying tasks of quick general survey, 3D graph coloring up, deep mine finding.

It is mainly used for surveying metal mine, coal-mine, oil and gas field, geothermal field, and applies in hydrology and engineering geological prospecting as well.

Transmitting voltage: ≤200V
Transmitting current: ≤50A
Current measurement precision: current range before power supply being cut off
is 0~50A, display resolution is 0.01A.
Power supply frequencies: 0.0625Hz, 0.125Hz, 0.25Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz,
8Hz, 16Hz, 32Hz
Transmitting waveform: +ON, OFF, -ON, OFF, equal width and dual polarity
Turn-off delay time: 1μs~1000μs
Turn-off time: ≤1.2μs (pure resistance), changing with the transmitting current
and transmitting coil when connecting to the coils
Damping resistance: 1000Ω
Transmitting coil: 0.1km×0.1km single turn ~ 2km×2km single turn
Synchronization mode: external synchronization (cable, GPS)
Power supply: internal 12V8.6Ah rechargeable battery (or external 12V power
supply) lasting for over 10 hours
Dimension: 525×436×217mm3
Weight: 18.5kg
Working temperature: -10°C~+50°C

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