Geo Electrical Resistivity SP Logging System For Sale

Geo Electrical Resistivity SP Logging System For Sale

Resistivity logging is a set of logging methods based on the electrical properties of rocks and ore.
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It is a method of measuring the resistivity of rock (including the fluid in it) by using power supply electrodes and measuring electrodes arranged at different positions in a borehole. The commonly used three resistivity logging series are: deep lateral, shallow lateral and micro lateral resistivity logging.

geo electrical logging

1. Rock mineral composition

2. The chemical composition, concentration and temperature of the electrolyte in the formation water within the rock porosity.

3. Rock porosity

4. The oil saturation of the rock.

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PowerAC 220V ± 20%, 50Hz, 20W
Temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, humidity≤90%
AB power supply6 ~ 60V, 0 ~ 200mA, AC square wave.
 Applicable electrode systemA1.6M 0.4N
 Measuring range of apparent resistivity1-2000Ωm
Measurement accuracy of apparent resistivity1% (scale)
Natural potential measurement range± 1200mv
Natural potential measurement accuracy1%
Signal outputUSB interface
Depth measurement0 ~ 9999.99 meters
Depth measurement accuracybetter than 0.1%
 Speed measurement range0 ~ 9999m / h
 Speed measurement accuracy better than 5%

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