Geophysical Exploration instrument

Geophysical Exploration instrument

This geophysical exploration instrument is used for Geotechnical, Groundwater, Environmental, Archaeology, Non-Destructive Testing, and Structural Imaging Investigations.
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Product Details

geophysical exploration instrument (1)(001)

Application Field:

The geophysical exploration instrument can be used in energy exploration and civil geophysical prospecting, railway and bridge survey, mental and non-mental mineral survey. This geophysical instrument can also be used in hydro- and engineering geology survey, such as underground water, water reservoir dam site, flood control dam hidden trouble detection, and geothermic field survey.

System Included:

1. WDJD-4 Geophysical exploration instrument ( RES/IP)

2. Electrode switcher

3. Cable ( 30 take-out)

4. Electrode and plug

5. Software

6. External Battery

geophysical exploration instrument (2)(001)

Technical Specifications:

WDJD-4 geophysical exploration instrument

Receiving unit

Voltage precision

If Vp≥10mV, ± 5‰ ± 1LSB; if Vp < 10mV, ±1% ± 1LSB.

Input impedance


Apparent polarizability precision

±1% ± 1LSB

SP compensation range


Current channel

6 A, ±0.4% ± 1LSB, 24 bit A/D

Current precision

If Ip≥ 10mA, ± 5‰ ± 1 LSB; if Ip < 10 mA, ±1% ± 1 LSB.


≥80dB for 50Hz industrial frequency (common mode interference or differential mode interference).

Transmitting unit

Max transmitting power

For general Res/IP sounding, 6600W.

For multi-electrode Res imaging, 1125W, limited by WDZJ-4 switcher

For Res cable, 1350W

For IP cable, 2400W

Max voltage

For general Res/IP sounding, ±1100V (2200V peak to peak)

For multi-electrode Res imaging, 450V DC (limited by WDZJ-4 switcher)

Max current

For general Res/IP sounding, ±6A

For multi-electrode Res imaging, 2.5A DC (limited by WDZJ-4 switcher

Pulse width

1~60s, duty ratio 1:1



160 × 160 dot matrix LCD



Working temperature

-10℃~+50℃, 95 %RH

Storage temperature


Instrument power

internal 12V 9Ah rechargeable battery , lasts for 30 hours (or 12V external power supply)


≤ 4.4 Kg

Dimension (L×W×H)

270mm X 246mm X 175mm

WDZJ-4 geophysical exploration instrument

Max electrode be connected

60 and 120 (for option)

Insulation impedance


Maximum working voltage


Maximum working current


Power supply

Internal 7.4V 4AH rechargeable lithium battery, last for continuously 25 hours work

Working temperature


Twist pair wire (Optional)

2*7 copper-clad-steel cores, 500m/roll, iron electrode

cable of geophysical exploration instrument (Optional)

30 take-out, 5m/10m space for option

Intelligent Res Cable for 2D Res Imaging (Optional)

Multi-electrode cable

32-core, outer diameter is Φ6mm

Maximum voltage


Maximum current


Take-out spacing

standard 5m or 10m (also customized according to order)

Cable insulation:

≥500MΩ/500V between any two cores

Copper Electrode for Multi-electrode Resistivity Cable   (Optional)

Copper electrode

Φ12mm x 280mm, with plug-pull clamp


up to order

Intelligent IP Cable for 2D Res or 2D IP Imaging (Optional)


polyurethane coated, outer diameter Φ8mm


up to order

Connector (take-out) number

10/sting (ten electrode per string)

Connector (take-out) spacing

1~10m (or up to order)

Connector size

Φ30mmx100mm (connector only), Φ39mmx170mm (including rubber head)

Maximum voltage


Maximum current


Cable insulation

cable between A, B connecting ports and cable between A, B connecting ports and the low voltage connecting port, insulation is more than 1000MΩ/1000V; cable between low voltage connecting ports, insulation is more than 500MΩ/500V

Working temperature


Stainless Steel Electrode for 2D/3D Resistivity Imaging   (Optional)

Stainless steel electrode

Φ10mm x 280mm, with stainless spring


up to order

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