Geophysical Prospecting Instrument

Geophysical Prospecting Instrument

Eletrical geophysical prospecting Instrument for groundwater is the most economic, effective and widely used method. It can also used for metal and nonmetal mineral resources detection, city geophysical exploration, railway and bridge exploration, and other application.
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Product Details

Main Function of WDJD-4

1.1D Vertical electrical sounding(VES) Resisitity

geophysical prospecting Instrument(1)(001)

2.1D Vertical electrical sounding(VES) IP

geophysical prospecting Instrument(2)(001)


1. High surveying precision  with anti-interference performance, with technologies like multistage wave filtration and signal enhancement.

2.Automatically detect and offer compensation forself-potential, drift and electrode polarization.

3.Over-voltage protection for receiving unit,transmitting unit and AB open-circuit protection.

4.9 types of electrode arrays are available for normal resistivity and IP survey.Manual inputted electrode distance, andautomatically or calculated manually  gnerate can be  Geometric factor K.

5. 18 electrode arrays  are available for multi-electrode 2D resistivity imaging. It could scanning measure according to fixed section (including AMNB, ABMN, AMBN, AMN, MNB, A-MN-B, Sp M, Sp MN, charge M, charge MN) or continuous rolling scanning measure according to variable section (including A-M, A-MN, AB-M, AB-MN, MN-B, A-MN rectangle).

6.The program can memorize 100 groups of electrode distances which can avoid repetitive input. Or  just input a program ID and step to call the corresponding electrode distances.

7. Earth resistance inspection can be inspected at any time.

8.Mass data storage: Up to 1GB capacity (extended) enable store 5,000,000 groups measuring data

9.Under power-failure protection;  data will not be lost even thought the system shuts down accidentally.

10. USB port for transfer data to computer.

Techncial  Specifiaction:

Receiving part

•Voltage channel: ± 6 V 

•Survey precision: if Vp≥10 mV then ± 5‰ ± 1 LSB, if Vp < 10 mV, then ±1% ± 1 LSB 

•Input impedance: ≥50MΩ 

•Apparent polarizability precision: ±1% ± 1 LSB 

•SP compensation range: ±1 V 

•Current channel: 5 A, 

•Suppression: ≥80dB for 50Hz industrial frequency

Transmitter part

•Voltage maximum: 900V 

•Current maximum: 5A( when voltage ≤ 900V ) 

•Pulse width: 1~ 60s, duty ratio 1:1


•Operating temperature: -10℃~50℃, humidity: 95 %RH 

•Memory temperature: -20℃~50℃ 

•Instrument power: eight D size batteries (or same specs nickel-cadmium battery) 

•Complete appliance current: ≤ 55mA 

•Weight: ≤ 7 Kg 

•Dimensions (L×W×H): 310mm X 210mm X 210mm

Field Surveying Data