Geophysical Survey Equipment for Groundwater Detection

Geophysical Survey Equipment for Groundwater Detection

Geophysical survey equipment for groundwater detection is using the resistivity tomography method to get the characteristics of the underground and analyze the underground geological structure. It also can be used in metal and non-metal mine exploration.
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Digital resistivity meters for ground water exploration (2)(001)


•Portability and flexibility——combining transmitter and receiver together, small and light. 

•Real one machine and multi-function——voltage and current range and small signal accuracy improved greatly, it is fitted for rock sampling tester, large-power IP receiver, nomal resistivity tool, IP, water finder, 2D and 3D high-density electrical tool etc.. 

•Multi-parameter measurement, wide application——voltage, current, apparent resitivity, SP, apparent chargability, metal factor, half life, attenuation, IP ratio, departure, IP spectrum. 

•Blue technique, wireless remote control——Pocket PC controlled central unit by Bluetooth technique, remote control is effective within 10 m. All parameters and measurement display can be fulfilled easily wirelessly. 

•Pocket PC control, Powerful function——all Chinese pocket PC support the man machine interface and sampling control, parameters setting, data display and storge, graph plot, image making, Field works are very easy.

Geophysical equipment price(3)(001)

•Extendable easily——data sampling and storage are all controlled by pocket PC. Data management is easy and software is easy to be extended. 

•Powerful pocket PC——beside the high hardware configuration, pocket PC is installed with many utility software. User can arrange the date, navigate the web via wireless net, and use WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, and Media Player for office and amusement. 

•With double high-density resistivity cable port, cross-hole resistivity can be carried out without medium switcher. Measurement is concise and easy. 

•Super wide range, high accuracy──voltage is as high as 64Vp-p, small signal measurement accuracy is high(voltage is less than 0.1mV and current is less 0.1mA with ±1% accuracy). Tool is fitted for high resistivity region; high-density can achieve good results. 

•Complete anti-interface technique——use multi-stage filter and signal enhancement technique, integrate anti-interface funation, accuracy is high. 

•Auto SP, shift and electrode compensation with range as high as ±10V. 

•The panel has “infinite”pole for pole-pole and dipole-pole measurement. During dipole-pole measurement, ρsA,ρsB, and ρs can be measured automatically with high efficiency.

geophysical survey underground water detection meter(4)(001)

•Receiver has over-voltage over- current and AB open protection ability. 

•Ground resitivity check──AB pole and MN pole can be checked at any time, easy and practically. 

•Dignosis program can find the trouble with the tool quickly and accurately. 

•Imported air proof box is water-proof, dust-proof, and long life. 

•Flexiable control choice──the tool can be controlled with note PC for field work.

Deep underground water detector (1)(001)

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