Geophysical Survey Underground Water Detection Meter

Geophysical Survey Underground Water Detection Meter

WDJD-4 Earth Resistivity/IP Meter is specific instrument prospecting for groundwater, with the most advanced performance at present. Underground water detection meter is not only support SP survey ,VES sounding as well as 2D Resistivity imaging with 2D imaging survey accessories.
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Product Details

Main applications:

*Energy resources exploration

*Seawater intrusion detection and dam inspection

*Metal and non-metal mining resources prospecting

* Groundwater resources exploration

*Geological mapping

*Underground contamination variation detection

*Cavity exploration

*Archeological studies

*Real-time monitoring of landslides

*Sediment detection of river, lake and reservoir

*Urban engineering exploration

*Marine and submarine survey

geophysical survey underground water detection meter(1)(001)

geophysical survey underground water detection meter(2)(001)

Product function

1D Resistivity or IP

In 1D VES survey, transmission up to full power 6600W(1000V*6A) can be emitted to allow excited pulse signals to reach deeper strata. Prior to field testing, measurement array configurations and the electrode scanning parameters can be inputted into the monitoring host, thus reducing the time spent in field to enter the survey parameters and increase survey productivity.

geophysical survey underground water detection meter(3)(001)

Supported arrays (up to 11 kinds)

4P-VES (sclumberger&Wenner)



3P Composite Profiling

4P Electrical Profiling




Product Features:

1.All-in-one design, both transmitting unit and receiving unit are in one equipment, portable and lightweight.

2.CMOS large-scale integrated circuit, special stand-by mode, compact size, system automatically cuts off power supply if there is no operation on it in 10 minutes.

3.High anti-interference performance and surveying precision, integrated with multistage wave filtration and signal enhancement technologies.

4.Automatically achieving compensation of sp, drift and electrode polarization.

5.Offer transient over-voltage protection for receiving part ransmitting unit and AB open-circuit protection.

6.Measured curve can be plotted on the display directly and clearly.

7.Large display screen, English edition keypad and menu, flexible for operation

8.Setting working period freely, 10 kinds of common array configurations are available; electrode distance is inputted and array factor could be calculated automatically.

9.Electrode distance table: memorizing 100 different groups of distances among the electrodes, avoiding repetitive input; input number can call the electrode distances to function or to reset.

10 Earth condition of the electrodes can be inspected at any time.

11.Mass data storage: able to memorize maximum 2200 readings of survey points.

12.All parameter and data are under power-failure protection; and thus data will not loss when system shutdown or changing battery.

13.Diagnostic program finds fault or failure and damaged parts quickly and accurately.

14.Sealed constitution: feature waterproof and dustproof design, long lifetime.

Product Specification:



± 6 V,±1 % ± 1LSB

Measurement accuracy

if Vp≥10mV, ± 5‰ ± 1LSB; if Vp < 10mV, ±1% ± 1LSB;

if Vp≥10mV, ± 5‰ ± 1LSB; if Vp < 10mV, ±1% ± 1LSB

Input impedance


Apparent polarizability precision

± 1%± 1LSB

SP compensation range

± 10V


6 A,±1% ± 1 LSB


≥80dB for 50Hz industrial frequency


Maximum transmitting power


Maximum voltage


Maximum current

±56A (when voltage ≤900V)

Pulse width

1~60s, duty cycle is 1:1


Working temperature

-10°C~+50°C (Environmental), 95 %RH

Storage temperature

-20°C~+50°C (Environmental)

Power supply

internal 12V 9Ah rechargeable battery , lasts for 30 hours (or 12V external power supply)

Overall current




Dimension (LxWxH)


Product Package

geophysical survey underground water detection meter(4)(001)

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