Geophysical Instruments Magnetometer

Geophysical Instruments Magnetometer

A magnetometer is a device that measures magnetic force - the direction, intensity or relative change of a magnetic field at a particular location. The measurement of the magnetization of a magnetic material such as a ferromagnetic body is an example. A compass is a device that measures the direction of an environmental magnetic field, in which case the Earth's magnetic field is measured.
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A magnetic field is a vector characterized by intensity and direction. The strength of the magnetic field is measured in Tesla in SI units and in Gauss units in a unit of cgs system. 10,000 Gauss is equal to one Tesla. [1] The measurement of the Earth's magnetic field is usually quoted in nanometer elements (nT), also known as gamma. [2] Depending on the location, the Earth's magnetic field can vary between 20,000 and 80,000 nT, and the Earth's magnetic field fluctuates by approximately 100 nT. Magnetic field changes caused by magnetic anomalies may be in the Pitra (pT) range. [3] Gauss meter and Tesla meter are magnetometers measured in Gauss or Tesla, respectively. In some cases, a magnetometer is a term used to measure a field of less than 1 milliteragram (mT), and a Gauss meter is used to measure instruments greater than 1 mT.

Digital Magneteomter

Digital Magneteomter

Geomagnetic field measurement and gradient measurement (horizontal gradient or vertical gradient, special probe and probe holder are required)

Can be used for field work, also for base station measurement

Built-in real-time clock, measurement results are stored together with measurement time, and can be measured and stored at regular intervals.

Large screen display, full Chinese interface, automatic display of magnetic field strength curve, easy to operate

LCD with backlight for easy nighttime measurement

Full-range auto-tuning or manual tuning

Lightweight and portable, the entire system uses a backpack strap to complete all measurement tasks in one person

With RS-232C computer interface

Professional geological software can draw contour maps, profiles, etc.

Magnetometer sensor

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