2D Ground Water Detector Water Detection Equipment

2D Ground Water Detector Water Detection Equipment

2D ground water detector water detection equipment is composed of WDA-1 mainframe, distributed switcher cable and electrodes. Not only used for water detection, but also metal and non-metal mine exploration, geological survey and other geophysical survey.
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2D ground water detector water detection equipment (1)(001)

WDA-1 2D Specifications:

Receiving part

•voltage channel: ±32V(24 bitA/D)

accuracy: as Vp≥5mV, ±0.2% ±1 character as 0.1mV≤Vp<5mV, ±1% ±1 character 

•Input impedance: >50MΩ 

•Apparent polarization accuracy: ±1%±1character 

•SP compensation range: ±10V 

•Current channel: 6A(24bitA/D)

measurement accuracy: as Ip≥5mA, ±0.2% ±1character as 0.1mA≤Ip<5mA, ±1% ±1character 

•As for 50Hz industrial interface(common and different mode)depression is better than 80dB

Deep underground water detector(2)(001)

Transmitter part

•maximium power: 7200W 

•maximium supply voltage: ±1200V 

•maximium supply current: ±6A 

•supply current width :1~60s, duty rate 1:1

multi electrode Electrical resistivity tomography equipment(3)(001)


•working temperature: -10℃~+50℃,95%RH 

•storge temperature: -20℃~+60℃ 

•power supply: builtin 7.4V4Ah(or outside 12V), lasting for 20h 

•main unit port: A, B, M, N, DC high voltage, outside battery, 2 cable port, RS-232, blue tooth 

•weight: ≤4kg 

•size : 270mm×246mm×123mm 

Distributed switcher cable specifications:

•cable: polyurethane coated, outer diameterΦ9mm 

•cable switcher box number: 10 channels/chain (ten electrode per chain) 

•box interval: 1~10m (designated by user) 

•box size:Φ25mm×110mm (box only),Φ25mm×170mm (including rubber head) 

•maximum supply voltage: 800V 

•maximum supply current: 3A 

•cable insulator: between A, B supply cable or between and A/B and low voltage cable≥1000MΩ/1000V between low voltage cable≥500MΩ/500V 

•Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃

Underground water detection equipment (4)(001)

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