Best Ground Water Detection Equipment

Best Ground Water Detection Equipment

WDJD-3A best ground water detection equipment is a highly competent Resistivity/IP system suitable for many different electrodes array. It can be used to do shallow ground resistivity and IP survey, archeology, geological exploration, and geological mapping.
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Product Details

Best ground water detection equipment(1)(001)


1. SP Survey

2. VES souding

3. IP survey

4. 2D Resistivity Imaging with 2D imaging survey accessories


WDJD-3A best ground water detection equipment common configuration:

General Res sounding

-WDJD-3A digital DC Res&IP meter; -Iron elecctrode; -Twist pair wire; - battery

Best ground water detection equipment(2)(001)

General IP sounding -WDJD-3A digital DC Res&IP meter; -Iron electrode; -Solid non-polarizing electrode; -Twist pair wire - battery

Best ground water detection equipment(3)(001)

Application and Feature:

1. By utilizing relevant parameters of apparent resistivity and induced polarization method, the instrument is widely used in many aspects including metal and non-metal mineral resources exploration, energy exploration, city geophysical exploration, railway and bridge engineering exploration, etc.


2. WDJD-3A best ground water detection equipment search for groundwater, solve the human and animal drinking water issue as well as industrial and agricultural water issue. Determine the hidden safety risk location in reservoir dam foundation and flood-control dyke, find faultage zone and collapse column, landslides, coal mining goaf, search for geothermal and other hydrological, engineering geological exploration.

3. Accessories made by our factory with 60-channel or 120-channel multiplex electrode switch, also can be used for multi-electrode resistivity survey system.

Best ground water detection equipment(4)(001)

Model & Name

WDJD-3A Best ground water detection equipment

Max. Power Supply Voltage


Max. Power Supply Current


Voltage Measuring Range


Voltage Measuring Accuracy

(Vp>10mV) ±5%, ±1 digit; (Vp<10mV) ±1%, ±1 digit

Current Measuring Range


Measuring Current Resolution


Current Measuring Accuracy

Ip>10mA) ±5%, ±1 digit; (Ip<10mA) ±1%, ± 1 digit

Interference Suppression on 50Hz Power Frequency

Better than 80dB

Measured Apparent Polarizability Accuracy

±1%, ±1 digit

Instrument Input Impedance


Power Supply Pulse Width


Operating Temperature

-10°C~50°C, 95%Rh



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