Groundwater Exploration And Detection Instrument

Groundwater Exploration And Detection Instrument

Before drilling a water well, we have to make sure there is the water in underground. so the groundwater exploration and detection instrument is greatly needed.
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Most companies think they have to drill first to find the groundwater they're looking for. This outdated system is not only expensive and it's risky.

Groundwater Exploration And Detection Instrument 2

Blindly drilling hole after hole as a means of finding underground water is an inefficient, outdated process. We can help you see what's below the surface before you drill a single costly hole. 

Not sure how to find groundwater without drilling? 

Benefits Of Electric Resistivity Imaging For Groundwater Exploration

Save time. Identify the most appropriate place to drill rather than randomly selecting a drill site.

1.By utilizing relevant parameters of apparent resistivity and induced polarization method, the instrument is widely used in many aspects including metal and non-metal mineral resources exploration, energy exploration, city geophysical exploration, railway and bridge engineering exploration, etc.

2.Search for groundwater, solve the human and animal drinking water issue as well as industrial and agricultural water issue. Determine the hidden safety risk location in reservoir dam foundation and flood-control dyke, find faultage zone and collapse column, landslides, coal mining goaf,search for geothermal and other hydrological, engineering geological exploration.

3.Accessories made by our factory with 60-channel or 120-channel multiplex electrode switch, also can be used for multi-electrode resistivity survey system.

Groundwater Exploration And Detection Instrument 1

Model & Name:

DUK-2A Multi-electrode Resistivity Survey Instrument

Conversion Electrodes:

60 channels or 120 channels

Supported manual configuration:

1, Schlumberger 2, Dipole-Dipole, Combined Profiles, Differential, Pole-Pole, Triple-Pole Rolling,

Operating Mode:

16-key keypad with 90 character LCD display combines to form man-machine dialogue operation.

Maximum Allowable Current:


Maximum Withstand Voltage:

500V DC

Insulating Property:


Electroshock Break-over Resistance:

smaller than 0.1Ω

Power Consumption

50 mA (Standby)

Power Supply:

1# Dry Cell (or rechargeable battery with the same specification) 8pcs.


7 kg (60 channels), 7.5kg (120 channels)

Operating Temperature:

-10℃~50℃, 95%Rh


305×200×202mm (60 channels), 324×200×245mm (120 channels)

For 1D detect, the maximum depth can reach to 500 meters, for 2D detect, the maximum depth can reach to 300 meter.

Groundwater Exploration And Detection Instrument 3

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