Digital Proton Magnetometer

Digital Proton Magnetometer

Digital proton magnetometer has large memory, high resolution, agility make it a portable, mobile, base station fitted magnetometer. Widely used for Mineral prospecting, Cooperative mine prospecting, study the ore body’s burial depth, dipping and continuity, estimate mineral bed's scale.
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Product Details

Digital proton magnetometer (1)(001)

Technical specifications:

•Measurement range: 20000nT~100000nT 

•Measurement precision: 1nT 

•Resolving power:0.1T 

•Allowed gradient: ≤5000Nt /m 

•Data stored: 100,000, out-power protection 

•LCD screen: 240x128 

•Keyboard: 16 keys 

•Interface:RS-232C standard serial port 

•Power of digital proton magnetometer: outside rechargeable batteries, 16V/3Ah, also power outside (External 12V battery)

•Bulk of mainframe: 210mmx85mmx190mm 

•Weight of mainframe: 2.1kg(include batteries) 

•Bulk of sonde: Ψ75mmx155mm 

•Weight of sonde: 0.8kg

Digital proton magnetometer (2)(001)

Standard Configuration:

•Mainframe 1 

•Sonde 1 

•Pole for measurement 1 

•Charger 1 

•Rechargeable batteries 2 

•Gallus 1 

•Adhesive tape 1 

•Wrench 1 

•Line connecting sonde 1 

•Sonde clamp 1 

•Suitcase 1 

•Communicate cable 1 

•USB-serial port cable 1 

•No magnetic screwdriver 1 

•Software and operation handbook 1 

•Standby bolt for cap of sonde (M4x16) 3 

•Standby bolt for sonde clamp cable (M3x12) 2 

•Standby bolt for sonde line (M4x7) 3 

•Standby bolt (M2x6) 6