Geophysical Magnetometer

Geophysical Magnetometer

Geophysical magnetometer can measure magnetic in precision of 1nT. The resolving power can reach 0.1nT. By changing the structure of the sonde, it can make the horizontal gradient measurement and the vertical gradient measurement at a resolution of 0.1nT.
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Geophysical Magnetometer (1)(001)


•geophysical magnetometer is for mineral prospecting, such as iron ore, lead-zinc mine, cooper mine. 

•Cooperative mine prospecting, study the ore body’s burial depth, dipping and continuity, study the ore body's shape, size, estimate mineral bed’s scale. 

•Prospecting for gas or oil, research geologic structure relevant to gas or oil 

•Geologic survey, geologic mapping 

•Ground diurnal variation for aero-magnetic and marine magnetic survey 

•Faults orientation. 



•Engineering prospecting, e.g, pipeline finding. 

•Earthquake monitoring, volcano monitoring, and other environmental and disaster. 

•Ferromagnetic objects finding.

Geophysical Magnetometer (2)(001)


•Geomagnetic field and normal gradient of geomagnetic field (horizontal gradient component of geomagnetic field or vertical gradient component of geomagnetic field, need special sonde and support). 

•Applicable in field survey or base station measurement. 

•It has internal clock, store the data and the time together, measure and store at a fixed time. 

•Large display, show magnetic curve automatically, easily operation 

•Backlight LCD screen, can be used at night. 

•Personal keyboard, can be used by both hands. 

•Automatically or manually tuned. 

•Portable, all system use gallus, one person can accomplish all task. 

•RS-232C interface 

•Geologic software for mapping isoclines and section.

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