Proton Precession Magnetometer

Proton Precession Magnetometer

Proton precession magnetometer is 32-bit MCU technology is applied to implement a new generation of fully digital proton magnetometer, the most complete function of the ground proton magnetometer, measurement speed and the gradient tolerance ability is greatly increased.
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1. The proton precession magnetometer has built-in GPS antenna and lithium battery module and GPS module. It is more convenient and reliable.

2. Rapid measurement - just 2 seconds from the start of the measurement to the display reading.

3. Full automatic tuning range, also can be manual tuning.

4. Perfect way of GPS navigation function: support text files into line and the coordinates of each point can be measured through the preset line endpoint, the coordinates of the instrument is calculated for each measuring point coordinates.

5. Mass data storage - hold in every measurement point magnetic field measurements, the coordinates of measuring points, elevation, and the information such as time, environment temperature, the data can be stored up to 2 million points. 

6. Standard software can draw isoline map, section and track diagram etc. It can also work on diurnal variation correction.

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1. Backlight LCD screen, can be used at night.

2. Personal keyboard, can be used by both hands.

3. Automatically or manually tuned.

4. Potable, all system use gallus, one person can accomplish all task.

5. Geologic software for mapping isoclines and section.

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Technical specifications:

Measurement Channel: 1 channel 2 channel

Measurement range: 20000nT~100000nT

Measurement precision: 1nT

Resolving power: 0.1T

Allowed gradient: ≤8,000nT/m

Data stored: 100,000, out-power protection

LCD screen: 240x128

Keyboard: 22 keys

Interface: USB serial port

Power: outside rechargeable batteries, 12V/2.3Ah, also power outside

Bulk of mainframe: 230mmx155mmx65mm

Weight of mainframe: 2.5kg(include batteries)

Bulk of sonde: Ψ75mmx155mm

Weight of sonde: 0.8kg.

Working temperature: -10°C~+50°C

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