2D and 3D Geophysical Resistivity Meter

2D and 3D Geophysical Resistivity Meter

2D and 3D geophysical resistivity meter is our latest all-purpose model equipped with the latest technologies, smaller and lighter. Used for general resistivity/IP sounding, multi-electrode 2D/3D resistivity imaging and multi-electrode 2D IP imaging measurement.
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2D and 3D geophysical resistivity meter(1)(001)

2D and 3D geophysical resistivity meter is characterized of large storage, quick and accurate measurement, convenient operation. It is compatible with other high-density software, so that the interpretation is convenient and direct. It can be used in energy exploration and civil geophysical prospecting, railway and bridge survey, mental and non-mental mineral survey. It can also be used in hydro- and engineering geology survey, such as underground water, water reservoir dam site, flood control dam hidden trouble detection, and geothermic field survey.

Deep underground water detector(2)(001)

Key Features:

1. Maximum power supply reaches 7200W (1200V6A), input voltage range is 64Vp-p,   measurement precision of small signal is high (voltage may be 0.1mV and current may be 0.1mA with 1% accuracy);SP compensation range is up to ±10V.

2. Receiving circuit has transient over-voltage protection; transmitting circuit has over-voltage, over-current, AB open-circuit as well as inversed connection protection;

3. It could measure voltage, current, apparent resistivity, SP, metallic factor, half-decay time, attenuation degree IP ratio, departure.

4. PDA control mainframe by Bluetooth technology, which also the function of scheduling, wireless internet, office software as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MediaPlayer.

5. There are B(∞) infinite current electrode on the panel for 2-pole or 3-pole method. The instrument will auto measure ρsA, ρsB and ρs.

geophysical prospecting Instrument(3)(001)

multi electrode Electrical resistivity tomography equipment(4)(001)

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